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Blog Rachmad Schiffer is a personal blog as a forum to appreciate something in writing and sharing both knowledge as well as information about which the author is important. All the authors write articles that will come from various sources, both from the mind of the writer and website – other website that I packed with interesting and unique. It is expected that the reader likes what stated by the authors in the article on this blog and may be useful to the reader wherever you are.

Rachmad Schiffer – Founder & Author of Blog Rachmad Schiffer

Rachmad Schiffer
Rachmad Schiffer or commonly called Rachmad, a teenager with the vagaries of life that is unique and interesting. Born of a mother who is great with educating exceptional spirit and his father was a migrant workers working in Malaysia. Had two brothers who he loved very much named Radit and Ridho. In terms of life may he somewhat disadvantaged by fate but he never gave up trying to realize the noble ideals. Always grateful is the attitude that he always instilled for all the graces and gifts God has given him. He will be successful pursuit of his ideals. Amin. Thank you for your prayer.

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